Belated Happy 2014!

The new year is off to a slow start for us.  January brought bitter cold to northern New England.  There have been several days when the temperature didn’t get above zero.  After a brief warm up, we are back in the negative and single digits.   January also brought a slight flu early in the month and a cold / sore throat last week.  The cold weather, along with not feeling so great, has not been conducive to great productivity.  Still, there is much for which to give thanks!

Niles celebrated his 10 month birthday on January 8th.  He is a big boy!  Bigger than his big brother even!  While we have not been able to go to training club or train outside at home, we have been training and exercising in the basement.  It isn’t the best, but it is better than nothing.  Both boys do really well on the treadmill, putting in 1-2 miles a day.  Getting some exercise helps them be content while cooped up in the house!

Early in the month I connected with a local retired pastor who is interested in domestic violence related issues.  We are in the beginning stages of planning a Domestic Violence Training for clergy in the area.  We hope to gather the interfaith community for discussion and education and bring in some advocates from various local agencies.  We are targeting October ~ Domestic Violence Awareness Month.  I am excited, so you can look forward to more details about this in the months to come.

The county Domestic and Sexual Violence Task Force is back up and running after a brief hiatus while we were between coordinators.  I had coffee with the new coordinator and found her to be very open to the faith community.  I see this as a connection for the training as well as other possibilities.  She would like to see more faith community involvement with issues related to SV, DV and trauma.  Amen!

2014 will also bring an opportunity for rest and renewal.  I applied for a Renewal Leave to take place this summer.  I will have 8 weeks away from my pastoral responsibilities, from mid-June to mid-August.  I hope this will bring rejuvenation and and opportunity for some intensive work on my memoir on healing from PTSD with my wonderful canine partner, Bady!  I don’t know if this book will be published, but I do know I feel called to write it.  We’ll see what happens and what new opportunities present themselves as this new year unfolds!



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