For Peace

So, where has 2014 gone?  I’m not quite sure!  One moment it was January and now it is June.  I guess the months have been taken up with the usual busyness of life ~ work, family, pets, laundry.  In March I was asked to be co-chair of the Vermont Domestic Violence Council.  My first meeting as co-chair was held in June.  I have also been working with our county Task Force on Domestic and Sexual Violence to organize a Domestic Violence Clergy Training Day to take place in October.

The most pressing thing in my life right now is my Renewal Leave.  I am on leave from work ~ and all pastoral duties ~ until August 17th.  Now that it is here I can hardly believe it!  During this time I hope to get some significant work done on the book I am writing about my healing journey.  On Friday I attended my first writers group, which I think will be extremely helpful.  I have many pages of stories and reflections which I need to organize into a coherent whole and ‘flesh out.’  While I don’t expect to finish this by August 17th, I hope to have moved ahead with it significantly.

And you may have noticed that I’ve added a bit to the title of this blog.  Along with renaming it “The Bady Partnership for Peace” I’ve made some tweaks to our mission and vision.  After several years of immersing myself in domestic violence work and trauma studies I am feeling a little burned out.  While I still think it is important to raise awareness, I hope to develop a broader scope with The Bady Partnership.  Bady, my faithful German Shepherd, helped me find peace after trauma.   He’s been my partner in peace.  My Christian vocation reminds me that Jesus came with peace, “Peace I give to you; my peace I leave with you.”  Finding peace in our inter-personal lives is one way ~ perhaps the most powerful way ~ to spread peace throughout the world.

So I invite you to continue this journey with me as I write my story and ponder this new direction of The Bady Partnership (for Peace).  I will try ~ yes, I will ~ to be more faithful with my posts.  I feel like I have just been through a fallow time which will hopefully yield new and good fruits.  And I will post more pictures of the dogs and update you on our training.  They bring a smile to my face every day.  They are living embodiments of peace.


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