Tuesday Training: Downpour

The gentle rain quickly turned to a downpour as I stepped from the edge of the field into the woods. The field clubhouse was a hundred feet away, but the distance seemed intractable in the pouring rain. The cloud burst had all the qualities of a brief shower that would depart as quickly as it arrived. The rain made the leaves around and above me dance. The trees took on an appearance of joy even as the water spun off them and landed on my hair, my clothes and my bare arms. My sneakers absorbed the moisture, which soon penetrated my socks. I moved further into the woods to find more dense shelter.

In the dash to avoid the rain the others had scattered in different directions. Some went to the clubhouse while others headed for their vehicles. Windows were closed and dogs tucked dryly away in their crates. I was the only one in the woods, but knew my companions were not far away and my dogs were safe in their trailer, cool and dry. At the onset of the downpour everything grew quiet except the sound of rain on grass, on roofs, on leaves. Even the ever-expressive dogs quieted to regard the sudden show of nature’s tenacity.

After a time my gaze took in the rain swept field and the clubhouse, which seemed dry and inviting. Bits of conversation filtered from the doorway to my ears through the pelting. I felt lonely for my friends, anxious as to when the storm would pass. I worried for my dogs, that they were lonely, too, or afraid. Just as I looked deeper into the woods I felt a splash on the back of my neck. The well-placed drop trickled between my shoulder blades and gave me courage. I looked again toward the clubhouse and decided to make a dash for it. As my feet fell on the spongy grass I felt my damp socks squish between my toes. In the moment before I reached the doorway the rain ceased. The storm abated as suddenly as it had appeared. We rose from our shelter and stepped into the washed world. The chorus of barks resumed as the dogs remembered their enthusiasm. The brief interlude was soon forgotten as we returned to the order of the day.


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  1. Liz says:

    Love your post…..I could feel the rain!

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