Partners in Peace

It’s been a while since I posted any pictures of my handsome German Shepherd boys, Bady and Niles. Here are two recent pictures of my partners in peace. As you can see, Niles is all grown up. He’s bigger than his big brother, but Bady can still keep up with him.

Yesterday was an important day for me ~ one of those anniversaries that one can’t forget. It was 13 years ago yesterday that I was assaulted at gun point and raped. My attacker intended to kill me, but I survived. Random remembrances from that night surface more frequently around July 5th. How I screamed when he pulled out the gun. How he seemed amused at my efforts to get away. How he asked, “Do we need the gun for sex?” I remember what happened and I celebrate that I am here to talk about it and I pray that, through talking about it, I may help someone else.

The assault changed my life and sent me down the path of PTSD. Yet, without reckoning with PTSD I never would have been partnered with Bady or, later, found Niles. Bady saved my life. And, today, Bady and Niles fill my life with joy. So bad things happen and good things sometimes come out of the bad. Today, on July 6th, I give thanks for the peace I experience today and my two furry partners in peace.


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