About Us

Rev. Krista Beth Atwood:  I am a wife, step-mother, daughter, pastor, New Englander, animal-lover and survivor of assault and sexual violence.  I have a Bachelor of Arts degree in Social and Behavioral Sciences and a Master of Divinity degree.  Professionally I’ve served as a United Methodist Pastor since 2000.

My own experience of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder has led me to want to learn more about the effects of trauma and the treatment of PTSD.  My professional experience of working with people in crisis has led to me want to reach out to others who are going through difficult traumas.  This blog is my space to share what I learn (as I learn it) and offer up pieces of my story that might be of help to others.  I hope it will be a place of partnership, peace and connection between victims / survivors of trauma and all those seeking wholeness in their lives.

Recreationally, I am a novice dog trainer.  Since being partnered with Bady as my personal protection  / emotional support dog, I’ve developed an interest in the sport of Schutzhund (IPO) Protection Dog Sport.  Practicing Schutzhund with Bady and Niles has increased my self-confidence and provides both with physical exercise.  I credit Bady and Schutzhund with aiding in my journey of recovery from PTSD.  For me, the seemingly disparate subjects of trauma recovery, peace studies and dog training coincide in a wonderful, healing partnership.


B.A. Social and Behavioral Sciences, University of Southern Maine, 1996

Master of Divinity, Bangor Theological Seminary, 2001

Clinical Pastoral Education, Interfaith Healthcare Ministries, 2001

Mediation Skills Training, Lombard Mennonite Peace Center, 2008 

Tending the Fire:  Understanding and Engaging the Interpersonal System of an Organization, 2010

Gary Atwood:  I am Krista Beth’s husband and Bady’s favorite toy.  I work as a Health Services Librarian at Dana Medical Library, University of Vermont, where I help faculty and students with their research needs.  Outside of work, I serve as both the research department and technical support department for The Bady Partnership.  I also spend a lot of time throwing the ball for Bady.  I am proud to support Krista Beth in her efforts to take her experience and reach out to other survivors of trauma and PTSD.

Bady aus der Ritemberg:  I am a German Shepherd dog who loves to work, play ball and practice the sport of Schutzhund.  I was born in Slovakia in 2007.  In 2008 I moved to New England and that August took up residence with Krista Beth and Gary.  I have lived with, worked with, and loved them ever since.  Each day I enjoy accompanying Krista Beth (aka ‘Mumma’) to her office where I work hard by sleeping on my mat beside her desk.  I especially enjoy my play time at home and my hours on the Schutzhund field.  I have a commitment to safety, promoting peace, and am glad that I can help ‘Mumma’ live a full life free from fear and PTSD.   I am proud to be the name sake of The Bady Partnership!

Niles von der Tetiaroa:  I am also a German Shepherd dog, the puppy of the family.  I was born in Florida in 2013.  My job is keeping every one entertained and making everyone laugh!  I also make sure Bady gets plenty of exercise.  I hope to be a full-fledged Schutzhund dog one day, with ‘Mumma’s’ help!  I am also a promoter of peace, as I wear a peace-collar to bring attention to The Bady Partnership.

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